The World's Only Pirate Themed Poker Set
Weighted Chips, Solid Metal, Antique Finish

Sold out

Sold out

Ahoy, me hearties.
Welcome to our band of seafaring scallywags.

If it is treasure you seek, you’ve come to the right place. “Forged from Aztec gold, uncovered in the belly of a Kraken.” - the world’s ONLY poker set of its kind!

A must-have for every Texas Hold’em poker fan. Be it a gift, for special occasions or just all around stay at home fun, the feel of pirate gold through your fingers puts an exciting twist on a classic game. Aye, your poker nights will NEVER be the same again!

Gather yer shipmates around and try your hand at winning these priceless doubloons!

The collection

Arrr, behold the bounty!

“Some called us the ‘Sea Peoples’. Others call us the ‘Scourge of the Sea’. I knew us as brothers.
But the moment we laid eyes on the gold...aye, our pillaging hearts knew it was every pirate for himself.”

Perfect for

Pirates (Arrrrrrr)

Poker Players

Gifts For Him

Birthdays & Bucks Parties

Board Game Collectors

Why Pirate Gold Poker?

• Impress your poker crew with a unique twist to your poker nights

• Exquisitely designed with vintage details that add to immersive gameplay

• A unique, novelty gift for friends and family

• Durable and easily transportable for great fun anywhere

• Way more fun to play than a boring ol’ poker set

• Stay At Home Fun

"If it is treasure you seek...a pirate you may be."

Looking for more? Aye, A pirate is born to plunder. With this game, many a scurvy sea dog has made bold moves. But craftiness - aye me hearties - that is what truly sets us apart from mere landlubbers.

Yo-ho and fistful of luck be with you!

"Thank you again for providing us with such a great product that I'm sure would also cure scurvy!!! (Don't quote me on that though). I wish you all the best, and look forward to my newest poker chips set!   Fair Winds to Ye!!!!"

(unofficial Captain) – USA

"I purchased the large set for my husband and he loves them! The weight is satisfying and noise they make while playing is amazing! They add another layer to playing poker! I highly recommend the set!"


"I have regular poker games at my house and I stumbled across the sets a few months ago and picked up a 100 piece set. I love them! We use the 100 piece set as the highest denomination for a full game or the 100 piece set by itself for a quick game!"


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