No mere landlubber game, only the slyest of sea dogs are worthy. Arrrr.



Hi! We’re Jack and Kyle, Poker Fans and Industrial Product Designers. One day we thought to ourselves,"Why are poker sets so boring?"

Hence, the idea for Pirate Gold Poker was born! A novelty poker set made from real metal - perfect to gift to a poker lover or pirate/novelty lover. It took us a long time, but the results speak for themselves. We were determined to create gold doubloons that were heavy, looked sea-water worn and had details with an Aztec feel, so the minute you pick one up, you’ll be hooked. Meticulously designed, we wanted to get every detail right, for awesome gameplay, great fun and endless pirate talk!

How do I get my very own set?

So you're probably wondering

"How do I get my very own set?"

Order your very own set today and you will have your plunder in no time!

What are yer waiting for?

Unleash your inner hornswagglin’, swashbucklin’, flibustier and make yer name known to every poker player across the seas.


A - Industrial design is what we do! We design/engineer/manufacture products from scratch for our customers every day and we thought it was time to create our own.

For more info on our journey, see our Pozible page.

A - Yes, these are real metal! Made from a special alloy designed for durability and that satisfying "clink" noise for that real pirate gold feel.

A - The coins are coated in a special wear resistant material. But with enough abuse the top layer will wear away.

A - Sorry, not at this stage!

A - Yes, you can! But it would have to be at least 1000 Gold Coins plus.

I see your set on Pozible, how does that work?

"I see your set on Pozible, how does that work?"

We launched Pirate Gold Poker Set on Pozible - a crowdfunding platform.People "backed" us by pre-purchasing a Pirate Gold Set. Once we reached our goal, we used the money to manufacture the sets and deliver them to our backers.

See our video or our Pozible website for more info.