Own The World's
Only Premium Pirate
Themed Poker Set!

Weighted Chips • Solid Metal • Antique Finish

Everyone will go “Ooooh” when
you open this! Etched antique-
esque details showcase the look
of uncovered treasure!

To Poker chip’s standard measurements
(39mm diameter)

Weighted for hours of
immersive gameplay

Hear a satisfying "clink" as
you play (and especially when
you win BIG!)

FEEL that metal.
There’s nothing else like it.
Made of high-quality solid
metal alloy for amazing feel

Get a Sample Pack

Want a feel of Pirate Gold before getting the loot?
Order a sample pack with 2 of our Pirate Gold metal
coins today.

Take A Closer Look.

Gold, Silver, Copper and a pirate chest to boot! Yo-ho-ho and a fistful of luck be with you! The devil’s in
the details when it comes to these trinkets and we bet everything on the ship you’ll be more than pleased

Original Design

Created by Jack and Kyle, Poker Fans and Industrial Product Designers.

Real Metal Coins

Made from a special alloy designed for durability and that satisfying "clink" noise for that real pirate gold feel.

Portable Hessian Sack

Made from woven natural fibres reminiscent of sacks of olde. Drawstring tied, for added security!

Unique Kraken Chip

Designed with a brushed metal finish and antique look & feel. Real metal made from special alloy

In a league of it's own

Regular Poker Sets
Premium Clay Chips
Pirate Gold
$0.05-$0.60 per chip
$0.30 - $1.80 per chip
Approx. $1 per chip
Cheap, Light Plastic
Often a marketing
gimmick, only using
20% more clay
Solid Metal Alloy
with detailed ‘Antique’
Chip Weight
13g - 15.6g
Pleasing Ability
“Are you serious bruh...”
“I guess this’ll do”
“Omg we’re been playing for over 6 hours!”
Novelty Factor
Holy S%&t!
Pirate Level

“I’ve got to get my
hands on these..”

Pirate Gold launched a successful Pozible crowdfunding campaign with the goal to delight poker (and pirate) fans all around the world.

“Thanks guys for making this - love this poker set!”

"I can tell you these chips are AMAZING and have an awesome weight to them."

“Beautiful coin design, love

how it feels too"