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Sample Pack
Steve Olvera
Sample pack

The quality and design of this product is awesome and beyond belief definitely something I’m going to get for my game room for when we get together for game nights with the boys and family

Sample Pack
Mark Wright
Sample pack

Really nice coins.

The “Bundle Of Loot”
Christopher Gramlisch
Good stuff.

The chips are amazing, the cards take a little getting usd to in order to be sure of what you're looking at but are of great quality. The box is very nice and everything was packed amazingly well. The order arrived quickly. The only real negative I have is i was charged a $16 international fee for it i was unaware of. Pirate gold said i shouldn't have been, but the bank confirmed it was them and i never got it back. Either way the set was still worth it.

Sample Pack
Kacey Clark

Really nice quality. Impressed enough by the sample I got to consider a larger purchase.

The “Bundle Of Loot”
Nicholas F Fell, Jr.

Good quality product. Lots of fun to use.

Sample Pack
Thom Seymour
Sample was so good I purchased the set!

I really like these chips. They are slightly thinner than my “professional grade” poker chips, which I don’t like, but also slightly heavier, which I do like. After playing for a couple of hours, I didn’t even notice they were thinner. These are my new favorites. The sound and feel reminds me of playing poker when I was younger and we used quarters. If you play regularly, they’re worth it. I wish they had a 5th color option, but that’s my only real complaint. I’ll probably expand my set at some point in the near future.

Build Your Own Set - 60pc
Clifton Johnson

Build Your Own Set - 60pc

Sample Pack
“Aaaarg”uably some of the coolest poker chips I’ve seen!

These are beautiful. The weight, the feel…..is really something special.
I love design and could see purchasing an entire set - soon.
I do wish there was a $ value on each, but I can see where that may limit how some use them.
Overall - I would get a sample so you can see/feel these.

Pirate gold bundle

Craftsmanship is amazing. They are all weighted coins. Love the dealers chip. Exactly as advertised. Received product within a week. Wish they made more pirate themed products. Maybe a felt table

The “Bundle Of Loot”

Great Purchase!!

One of a kind !!! The quality is great!! That sound of the coins clicking makes it so much better then regular chips. 100% Satisfied with product!!

Sample Pack
Greg Stoner
WOW ! Better than pictured !!

Once you feel the weight, and hear the clink of these chips coming together, you will wonder how you ever played poker with plastic or clay chips before !!

Sample Pack
Armando Galvan
Golden pleasure

Very well made, heavy, just as described

Sample Pack
Joseph Gervasio
I'm very impressed..

These are awesome 👌! Very good quality and I would love to get the set. Better than any other chips I've seen and great edc coins !

Sample Pack
Mike Skully

These a very nice coins. They have a nice hefty feel in my hand. Very sharp detail.

Sample Pack
Donnie McCain

As the chip set is awesome it would have been great it you added small blind big blind and the dealer chip

Sample Pack
David Williams
Wish there were more than just four colors

quality and weight seem great. I just wish there were more than four colors as i usually play with more than just four denominations

Sample Pack
Jason Paul

As a real pirate in a pirate museum, I wanted to add to me loot and plunder (mostly for the jingle clang of the precious coins!), and the sample pack was a perfect starrrt!
An' now I sees that I be wantin' more!
A beauty of booty, me hearties.
Winds be with ye!

Capt'n Johnny Depths
Real Pirates Salem

Perfection at it's finest.

My review is simple. If you are questioning doubtful, skeptical or think these poker chips are fake. I give you my word these are very real. Company came through as they said they would after I ordered the Loot. Actually received them a few days early. I couldn't be more pleased I purchased this poker set. Which is now my favorite. Not only do I recommend. I suggest toss the doubt out and purchase these chips. You definitely will not be disappointed.

Sample Pack
Ulises Davila
Nice but pricey

The chips are nice they are quality made feel good but they are just very expensive

Sample Pack
Richard Gier
Not for me

Nothing major wrong with the chips. Just lots of small nit picks:

1. The finish is different on the 1 (Gunmetal) of the four chips.
a. Silver looks like it's made out of plastic
b. Gold should look like gold and stand out with a bright finish
c. Gunmetal chip is the only one that looks good
2. Chips are to thin. They are more like coins than poker chips. If they were being sold as coins, it'd be great but the actual application of trying to play poker with them, is difficult. Can't grab the bottom chip when lifting up a stack.
3. Chips have rounded edges: again, if these were marketed as coins - not poker chips, it wouldn't be an issue.
4. Two of the denominations have a hole punched through them. - Inconsistent weight, Does not look like they are part of the same set.
5. Quality on the chip isn't great. I literally had to sand down the side of one of the chips since it has a razor like edge to it.

At more than a dollar a piece, the chips better be perfect. If nitpick 1 OR 2 didn't exist, then making the decision to buy a 600 or 900 piece set wouldn't have been an automatic no. If they were cheaper, then it also wouldn't be an automatic no.

In the end, I like the idea of these chips but somewhere in the process I think the makers forgot that people would want to use them as poker chips, not just display them. I feel like they made some killer coins though!

The “Bundle Of Loot”
Walter Jennings
My boys loved it

Bought this for my Boys and they loved it!

Awesome set

Great quality. Can't wait to use them

Amazing!! Definitely worth it!

My hubby wanted a cool poker set and I was hesitant to buy this as I didn’t know of the quality was worth it. But it DEFINITELY is worth every penny!! Amazing quality, comes in really cool packaging and came super quick! My hubby was blown away! If you’re thinking about buying it, don’t hesitate!!

Sample Pack
Joseph J Wicker
Freaking awesome!

These sample coins have been the talk of my family and friends ever since they arrived. So very awesome!