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Want a feel of Pirate Gold before getting the loot?

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Feast yer eyes on this 100 piece set fit for any scurvy crew. Enjoy endless fun with your go-to crew of poker mates on a Texas Hold ‘Em adventure like never before.

The Only Pirate-themed Texas Hold’em Poker Set In The World

  • Custom designed in Melbourne, Australia by Industrial Product Designers
  • Made by Texas Hold’em players for players
  • Successful crowdfunding campaign on Pozible

Metal Coins

  • Looks and feels like real uncovered treasure! With etched antique-esque details that’ll get any pirate grinning.
  • Real metal made from a special alloy designed for durability
  • Metal Coins make a satisfying "clink" when you tap them together
    (hear audio)
  • Weighted for immersive gameplay

Portable Hessian Sack

  • Made from woven natural fibres reminiscent of sacks of olde
  • Hessian sacks were known for being able to withstand rough seas and severe weather. Oh and to weather rough bluffs in yer game, of course!
  • Drawstring tied, for added security! (And to keep prying hands away from your bounty)
  • Liven up any party! Makes it super easy and safe to bring your pirate poker fun anywhere.
Protect your order from damage, loss, or theft during shipping.